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Lovely Lavender Sachets   Lovely Lavender Sachets
Pampered Feet   Pampered Feet
Pampered Hands   Pampered Hands
Long Wrap   Long Wrap
Big Daddy   Big Daddy
Lumbar Wrap   Lumbar Wrap
Gecko   Gecko
Eye Pillow   Eye Pillow
Heart   Heart
Cuddle Ups   Cuddle Ups

Heat Treats herbal wraps are our gift to a stressful world.

Back Warmer   Back Warmer

Each Heat Treats herbal wrap is filled with flax seed and lavender for deep, moist, penetrating heat or cool relief from sore or achy muscles, headaches, migraines, tension, stress and pain in the back, shoulders, knees, hands and feet. They also help calm overactive children or help either children or adults fall asleep gently.

These soothing herbal wraps are designed to be heated in the microwave for a deep, moist heat or chilled in the freezer for cooling relief.

Because freezing and heating the same wrap will compromise the integrity of the flax seed, we recommend that you use separate products for heat and cold.

The beauty of Heat Treats lies in their fine quality and their simplicity. Each Heat Treat product is made of a sturdy, microwaveable fabric pouch filled with flax seed and lavender and is effective when used to soothe tired or sore muscles.

Heat Treats are also available without lavender at no additional cost.

Our Long and Lumbar Wraps come with removable, washable, 100% cotton covers. The 100% cotton Cuddle Ups and Pampered Feet covers are also washable. The Packs themselves are not washable. Backwarmers, the Gecko, Pampered Hands and Eye Pillows may be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Each pack is individually hand stitched and filled, so sizes and weights may vary slightly.


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