​​Flax Seed and Lavender Herbal Packs

Heat Treats 

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Soothe Aches & Pain with Our Natural  Herbal Heat Packs

Heat Treats are our gift to a stressful world. They are designed to be heated in the microwave for comforting, penetrating, moist heat or chilled in the freezer for cooling relief. Heat Treats provides natural comfort to symptoms of  arthritis, Raynaud's Syndrome, and neuropathy. Heat Treats are filled with flax seed.  Each wrap is individually hand made  with care in Oregon since 1994.

​​​ The beauty of Heat Treats lies in their simplicity. Each Heat Treat is a sturdy, microwavable fabric pouch filled with flax seed and lavender, ingredients used by healers and herbalists since ancient times.


They are great for athletes, seniors, "just plain folks", children and pets.

 Our cotton covers are machine washable. Other products that  are not washable,  may be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. 

 Heat Treats are easy to use. Simply heat in a microwave for the recommended time. The moist heat will soothe tired, achy muscles and joints. Provide welcome relief for headaches, migraine or sinus. tension and stress.

Helps provide comfort for arthritis pain, cramps, carpal tunnel, Raynaud's Syndrome or circulatory problems.


 Heat Treats can also be put in the freezer overnight for cooling relief.

Instructions for heating and cooling are provided with each Heat Treat.