Lumbar Wrap Fabric Choices

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Lumbar Wrap

 9 1/2" wide x 13" long

The channels keep the flaxseed and lavender right where you need it. Each cover closes with hook and loop tape and is removable for easy cleaning. 

Great on the upper and lower back. This is a very versatile wrap and can be used on  sore shoulders, knees,  legs, and arms.


10" high x 11" wide.

This wrap is not only pretty but it is also useful for providing warmth and pain relief to the lower back and coccyx area.

Works great for chest colds, stomach aches, and headaches too. Excellent for providing comfort during pregnancy. Great for nursing moms; helps with let down and mastitis.

The quilted design keeps the flax seed and lavender equally distributed. 

Made with high quality cotton fabric, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Big Daddy

10" wide x 19" long

The Big Daddy can be used when a large area of the body needs pain relief. It can be used along the spine, lower and upper back, legs, and across the stomach. Excellent to relieve the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome. It makes an excellent bed warmer too.

The wrap is uniquely designed and sewn so the flaxseed and lavender remain equally  distributed and will not fall all to the sides.

It comes insides a removable washable cover made from high quality cotton,

​​​​Back Warmer

This herbal wrap is particularly useful for people who do quilting, whether you quilt by hand or machine. Anyone who knits, crochets, or spends long hours at a computer desk will really appreciate how this herbal wrap helps relax stiff upper back and shoulder muscles.

It can also be used across your hips or placed on your pillow for a great night's sleep.

The main area is 15" across and 9" down. From wing to wing is 25". This unique design helps the Back Warmer stay in place when you move about and covers your shoulder blades and neck area.

The channeled design helps the flaxseed and lavender to conform to your body, giving you maximum pain relief.


  These herbal wraps are designed to help relieve pain, muscle tension, and stress in your upper or lower back.

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