Cory the Beaver

Measures approximately 16" long from head to tail, and is 6 1/2' wide. 

His herbal pack is inside his washable cotton body.

Funky Turtle

13" from head to tail and 13" across from flipper to flipper.

The removable pouch is in the tummy.

Remove the pack before washing the cotton body.

Cuddle Ups:

Designed with the little ones in mind. Customers find them useful for ear aches, chest colds, tummy aches, teething, and colic. These baby size wraps calm and comfort.

Eugene the Duck

This wrap measures 12 1/2'' from beak to tail. The body is 7 1/2" long and 6" wide, not including the wings.

The removable herbal pouch is in its tummy.

Machine washable cotton body.

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Heat Treats 

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Little Lumbar

7" wide x 9" long

Just as wonderful as the adult version, just smaller. Uniquely designed so the flax seed and lavender remain equally distributed and will not fall to the ends of the wrap. The herbal pouch comes inside a removable washable cotton cover.

Pocket Warmers

4" x 4"

Keep your hands warm while you walk the dog, walk to school or wait on a bus.

Just heat in a microwave for 20-30 seconds; put in your pockets, add hands and a smile.

100% cotton fabric

Chemical free

Can be used over and over again

These little gems can also reduce the discomfort of ear aches.

Use cold as a boo boo pack.