"After working around the farm all day my hands feel like they have been run over by a truck in the evening. Arthritis and cramping fingers often make it hard to pick anything up. My wife bought me a pair of Heat Treat mitts that I wear for a few hours in the evening after heating them in the microwave. They are amazing! The pain in my joints is gone in about a minute and the moist heat really helps my hands. No more joint pain or cramping for the rest of the night. Very highly recommended, great product. Thanks Erin."


"Love your products and your customer service."


​"Thank you so much. I love your products!"

Lavender and Flaxseed Herbal Packs


"Thank you so much! Again, I can't tell you how much the Heat Treat has saved my life on more occasions than I can count. I absolutely love it and am very appreciative that you make them."


"I love my Back Warmer. I also have both sizes of the Lumbar wraps. I often use the wraps daily. They make wonderful gifts, my friends love them too!"

JDrees Salon:

"Keep up the wonderful work you do"


"Thank you sooo much! Love my Long Wrap- now I can get a good nights sleep."


"I have been buying the Lumbar Wrap from Heat Treats for many years now. It fits my need perfectly. I have pain in both shoulders and the upper back and use one lumbar wrap on each side. They stay warm for a long time and help ease my pain and relax my tense muscles. They are well made and I have always been pleased with the fabric. I use them every evening. I much prefer them to electric heating pad or plastic covered gel filled wraps. It seems to me like the Heat Treats products provide a more moist heat from the flax seed. I highly recommend them"


"Your hand warmers are a lifesaver for me in my treatment of Raynaud's Syndrome. The ability to quickly, easily, and portability warm my fingertips when I have a reaction, has allowed me to stay off medication through the chilly winter months."


"Mom loves it because she can get the Gecko around her neck by herself."


"Thank you for the Eye Pillow, my friend loves it and I love mine too."


"Always been satisfied with products and services."

Heat Treats 


​"YOUR mittens and products are the BEST! Great fabric photo page too!"


"Thank you so much for your prompt service and considering my color request"