Fall gently to sleep with the help of our special blend of lavender and vanilla.

Mist over your pillow before bed to enjoy a restful sleep.

Allow fabric to dry before you lay your head to rest, takes just a few seconds

4 simple natural ingredients:

​Distilled water, magnesium sulfate, lavender, and vanilla

​Chemical free

Pillow Mist

Simply add one sachet in the dryer with your wet clothing to enjoy the delightful lavender scent.

Especially nice for sheets and linens.

Each sachet can be used up to 10 times

4" x 5"

Chemical free

​​Laundry Sachets

For Your Home:

Bring the comforting fragrance of lavender into your home all year long.

Lavender Sachets

Heat Treats 

2 fl oz  for $6

Flaxseed and Lavender Herbal Wraps

Set of three Laundry Sachets for $5.00

Set of three sachets for $6.00

You'll find so many uses, you may need two sets.

Place in your dresser drawer to make your clothing smell fresh.

Slip a sachet under your pillow for a great night's sleep.

Excellent in a basket in your bathroom or car as an air freshener. 

Since lavender is great for repelling moths and other nasty bugs, these sachets are great to place in your closet or in your out-of-season clothing.

Place in your shoes; rid any odor and  athlete's  foot.

Each sachets measures approximately 4" x 6"