Heat Treats 

Heat Treats Flax Seed Herbal Wraps

How to use:

To Warm in Microwave:

​Back Warmers, Wraps, Mitts & Booties:

60-75 seconds, test for desired warmth, add 10 -15 seconds as needed.

Cuddle Ups & Little Lumbars:

45 seconds, add 15-20 seconds as needed.

Eye Pillows:

20-30 seconds, add 10 -20 seconds as needed.

To Cool:

 Place in plastic bag and freeze. Leave in freezer until needed.


* Use at your own risk.

*Overheating may cause the flax to burn, use at this time may cause tissue damage.

* Children use only with a responsible adult present. 

* While the same pack can be used for both heat and cold, it will reduce the life of the pack.