Lumbar Fabric Choices

​Big Daddy Fabric Choices


9 1/2" wide x 13" long

Covers the knees with just enough weight and warmth to soothe sore joints. Great for your lower back and shoulders.

The flax seed and lavender fill is channeled, so it won't all fall to one side.

Comes inside a cotton cover.

Machine wash and dry cover. 


Whether you suffer from arthritis, injury, or you're recovering from surgery, these are the wraps for you. ​Each cotton pack is channeled so the fill will stay right where you need it. The wraps come with a removable, washable cotton cover that closes securely with hook and loop tape.

Long Wrap

6" wide x 24 1/2" long

The  length of this wrap will go  completely around one knee for great  heat penetration and  soothe sore muscles. Also great for your shoulders and neck.

Cotton pack and cotton cover.

Big Daddy

10" wide x 19" long

This wrap is big enough to wrap around the top and sides of both knees.  An excellent choice for the relief of Restless Leg Syndrome, where weight and heat help. Brings comfort to those who suffer with back aches.

The flax seed and lavender easily conforms to your body for the most benefit.

Cotton pack comes inside a removable washable cotton cover. The cover has a Velcro closure. 

​​Natural Flax Seed and Lavender Herbal Wraps

Long Wrap Fabric Choices

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