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The main area of this wrap is 15" across and 9" down. From wing to wing  it measures 25"

This channelled wrap sits nicely on your upper back and across your shoulders. It helps relieve neck pain too. The warmth and weight of this wrap melts away the tense muscles.

The unique design helps keep the wrap on your shoulders when you move about.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


91/2" wide x 13" long.

A great wrap to help ease the pain in those tense shoulder muscles.

The flax seed and lavender is equally divided into channels for maximum benefit.

Each pack comes inside a cotton cover. 

This wrap is also great for the back and knees.

Long Wrap

6" wide x 24 1/2" long.

The width of this wrap is perfect to lay across one or both shoulders, without the bulk.

It is also wonderful for the neck, knees and back.

It has the same wonderful channel design that the other wraps have.

It comes inside a removable washable cotton cover.


These Heat Treat herbal wraps will help ease shoulder pain, and relax sore muscles.